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Ramadhan 2021

The month of Ramadhan is a month of generosity and giving. The Prophet (peace be upon him) would give extremely generously throughout the month of Ramadhan. The Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) would describe the Prophet (peace be upon him) like the flowing wind, whose breeze doesn’t miss anybody. We have this opportunity to give during this month and increase our rewards up to 70 fold.

This Ramadhan, we have a number of projects running some of which are mentioned below:

  • Food packs for the needy (£50 per pack in Yemen, Syria, Kashmir, Burundi, Bangladesh & Malawi)
  • Iftaar provision for an orphanage (donate one day’s food which includes suhoor and iftaar for just £230)
  • Family packs for the whole month

Whilst we still have the wealth Allah has blessed us with, let us come together and give some of it to those who have nothing and are relying on us.

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